About Us

It was the Summer of 2005

Lawrence Sheppard, (Child and Youth) and Steve Holliday (Older adult) had been managers at the West Vancouver Addiction Day Program, founded on a West Van municipal grant and the foresight of then Mayor, Pam Goldsmith-Jones. 

Steve recruited me as the addiction doctor and the three of us, along with a skilled and dedicated team of like-minded clinicians, designed and founded Stepping Stones, which opened in March 2006. 

 We had a low-barrier, mental health and addiction, assessment and treatment day program with no exclusion criteria. It included group support, individual counselling, yoga, mindfulness, meditation and medication. It was one of a kind.


However, in a short time it became obvious to us that it was also the undiagnosed ADHD program.


When the Ministry of Health closed the Adult ADHD Clinic at Children's Hospital, we decided to put our heads together and came up with the NorthShore ADHD Clinic.

Dr. Antonio Ocana, sits at the crossroads of family practice, mental health, addiction medicine and eHealth.

He started off as a family physician, trained in Toronto and then Calgary. He moved to BC in the summer of 1993 where he worked in Kitsilano, until 2004. First at Seymour Medical Clinic, then HealthSmith Community Medical Clinic and finally at Emer-medics on Broadway with Mandy Karim In 2004, he moved to Bowen Island, became one of the island doctors and started a family. In 2007 the family, which now included two young girls, moved to the NorthShore where they have been since.

Dr. Ocana's passion is longitudinal mental health care. 


Care, as he defines it, is a combination of three things. 

  • What I can do for you (medical management, education, advocacy and counselling)

  • What you can do for you (self care and lifestyle modification)

  • What we can ask others to do for you (group and individual psychotherapy)


Dr. Anthony Ocana


Lawrence Sheppard is the principle of White Pine Coaching, Counselling and Consulting. Lawrence has a master's degree in counselling psychology and is a registered clinical counsellor and certified life coach.  He has more than 25 years of experience counselling adults, childrens and families throughout the province;


He was a regional manager for Child and Youth Mental Health and Addictions; and has founded a number of day treatment programs in the Lower Mainland.

In his private practice, Mr. Sheppard has specialized experience with the following types of counselling:

  • Parenting/ Family/ Marital

  • Trauma

  • Addictions

  • ADHD

  • Life Coaching

  • First Nations

Mr. Lawrence Sheppard


Our Home

The New Office in Edgemont

We're sad to leave the Waterfront Business Centre.


We will miss Kat, Katerina and Eve. As well, life will not be the same without Lawrence Sheppard (ADHD and Addiction Counselling), Dr. Heydeh Ismaili (Adult Psychiatry) and Kourosh Edalati (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry). Together we have had a lot of good laughs and if I do say, we've done a lot of good work.


I've spent more time with these people in the last four years than I have with my own friends and family.  The two Kats and Eve have been at the front desk, keeping the mayhem under control, all with a warm smile. There are no words to express the strength that these people have shown over the years. Gold star for each of them. 

The latest addition to the team is my lovely and talented wife, Astrid. She has 20 years experience at keeping things smooth, graceful and pointing in the right direction. In the past, she did this with ballet dancers on point. Now, it's me she's keeping straight.