Prescription Refill


Save time by getting your prescription filled on-line. No traffic, no waiting. Just give us the medication name, dose and the name and fax number of your pharmacy.

  • Paying for refills

    Refills take the doctor's time to check your chart, write, fax and file the prescription. Most doctors don't do refills because MSP does not cover it. We will make this easy for you, but there is a charge of $10, which you can pay on line. Thanks 


  • Prescriptions

    As per College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia guidelines, we can only give 3 month prescriptions for most stimulants, 2 months for Adderall XR and 1 month for Dexedrine IR/SR. We are not in a position to monitor your care, so please find a family physician who can.

We are now virtual... you can reach us by

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