ADIOS is an 8 week Contemplation program, but it's much more than that. ADIOS trains you to achieve clarity of thought and peace of mind. This comes naturally when you acquire a regular habit of Contemplation - thinking deeply about matters that matter. The 8 week Adios program takes you through 16 principles (2 principles a week) which you start to apply instantly in your personal and professional life. You will feel more in control of your thoughts within a couple weeks. 


During the program you will address real-life situations using the Adioscope, which will give you a structured approach to thinking and thus less distress and better choices. 


After the 8 week program ends, you can check-in through live Zoom sessions on Adios to maintain your Contemplation practice and mental fitness.


Thinking about things that matter

The Adios Contemplation program will help you disconnect from the external and create a stronger, deeper relationship with yourself. Contemplation, at its most basic level, is a way to access those fleeting thoughts that are the universe's way of gently nudging us in a certain direction.  


The practice of Contemplation, on the 16 Adios principles, will improve your clarity of thought resulting in a more peaceful mind.


I have been looking for years for the right program to share with my patients. It had to be something I can promote with confidence; something that will really make a difference. Tarun is a genius. His program is truly revolution. I just finished week 8 and I can say, without hesitation, that it changed my life.

Contemplating at Work

I suggest you to take the program seriously. Please dedicate one particular day in the week for the main session and take it from a place where you will not be disturbed or distracted. 

There are 8 sessions - one session each week. During the week, you will have short audios to listen to on the Adios platform. These will keep you on-track, please take 5 minutes a day to listen carefully; then 5 min to give it some thought, deep thought and finally, 5 minutes to journal.

Adios is 8 weeks for $250.